When word of mouth just isn’t enough, call in Mitosis.

Motivated Motions had built a great business in four years and was having amazing success through word of mouth, they ran into one problem, they had already gotten all of their client and client’s friends fit. That’s when they picked up the phone and called Mitosis.

In a short three months Mitosis took Motivated Motions owner Eric through a crash course in small business marketing. Helping put business processes in place to support future growth and support his new online presence. Eric had been having huge success in social media channels, having more followers and engagement than the top national gyms in the region. Mitosis worked to put a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy in place as well as launched his new website, creating a portal for future and current clients.

As a licensed nutritionist Eric and Motivated Motions offered their clients more than just personal 1-on-1 training in a private facility he focused on the full mind-body wellness experience and Mitosis made his passion soar by giving him an outlet through his blog, where he can freely share his recipes, tips and trick while establishing strong trust and gaining strong mindshare in the region.

Since launching Motivated Motions full digital marketing strategy they have seen on average 5 new clients a month and client retention increased 40%.

Services Utilized:

  • Market Research
  • Design Discovery
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Digital Strategy
  • Online-Ad Creative/Placement
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Photography
  • Development
  • Analytics/Reporting